About us 

Lupe:   1. manual magnifying glass in a mount;

           2. printing aid for checking the finer details  of print;

           3. the magazine of visual communication.

Our publication is delivered primarily to conventional and digital printing companies, but also to packaging technology firms, publishers, graphic design studios and advertising agencies.  The magazine is read by near to ten thousand people. Our task is to inform about interesting issues and availabilities and to make novelties known. For this, we strive to offer a stage to the ever growing number of players of the vehemently developing field of visual communication, to set reference points and to help orientation. LUPE sets an example for its readers by printing the information onto recycled, environmentally friendly paper and at the same time we wish to provide them a visual experience.

LUPE Magazin is published by Lupe Printing Enterprise  (in Hungarian: Lupe Nyomdaipari Vállalkozás). The business of the company, founded in 1993, had been in the beginning the execution of printing work. At the present time we undertake a comprehensive range of work, from corporate image design through technical consultation up to publishing activities  in the fields of advertising, packaging technology, printing industry and visual communication.

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