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Warszawa, 05.12.2013

Web-based printing houses and those having tools to automate the most important customer service taskswill gain the highest importance on the market in the nearest future. Tough competition, wide access to services and constantly decreasing margins are the crucial challenges facing the operations of printing services providers. Without automation of processes covering preparing offers, taking and fulfilling orders, it is not possible to meet current market demands.  That is why Infosystems SA – the leader in integrated management systems for graphic arts, publishing and packaging industries in Poland, with numerous implementations in Polish and international companies –prepared an interesting and competitive offerfor all companies interested in such innovative solutions.


„More and more printing companies handle orders submitted through the web and look for new customers online. There is no doubt that the printers basing on the web will gain higher importancein the nearest future. The evolution in commercial printing services that we observe requires completely different attitude to business strategiesfrom printing houses’ owners” – says Mariusz Sosnowski, CEO of Infosystems SA. 

Inquiries submitted onlinecurrently become a standard;efficient and flawless handlingof such orders can contribute to substantial increase of company’s incomes.  Remote job approvalfroma customer – via soft proofing module - can speed up the order processing as well.  Printing companies using web-based services can also compete with other printers (who lack such a competitive edge) offering lower prices, being resultof a higher processes efficiency secured by Internet. However, a printing company needs appropriate software to succeed. Currently, a lot of companies are still looking for Web-to-Print software solutions that enable them automating the most important customer service tasks (from receiving orders via approval and pricing, to management and marketing) and other processes  covering job preparation for printing as well as printing stage.

„The PuzzleFlowWebToPrint system offered by Infosystems SA (based on versatile PuzzleFlow technology, highly appreciated worldwide) was presented for the first time on drupa 2012 trade fair and awarded with the Golden Medal of the Poznan International Fair in 2013. It is the modern, state-of-the-art tool that introducescompletely new attitude to printing services. It respondsto the needs of printers looking for efficient ways of optimising their production processes. Moreover, it allows them to secure resources for the nearest future and meet changes ocurring on the printing services market. Its implementation in a printing house makes it easy to expand the number of orders and acquire additional customers for standard jobs, which can be combined at printing stage. It effects in better usage of equipment and staff by means of improving efficiency and quality control as well as reducing operational costs. Moreover, such a service model does not require constant staff involvement and minimizes the most time consuming stages of the process. That is why it has become almost a standard in printing companies all over the world” – continues Mariusz Sosnowski. 

Infosystems SA launched the English version of its website to help in searching for information on the subject in question and with the growing interest in its new solution, as well as considering a growing interest about it(http://www.infosystems.info/puzzleflow-webtoprint).Everyone interested is kindly invited to visit the website. Additional information can also be obtained in the newly opened Distribution Centre of the company inLondon.


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