Choosing a Paper Surface for Your Inkjet Prints

Sponsored by ILFORD

Webinar Today, December 6th at 1PM EST


The paper you choose for your fine art photography can have a dramatic effect on the appearance and impact of your image. When you carefully select your paper, you will soon find that the art of printmaking becomes an important part of your creative process. Hosted by Joe Brady, this presentation will focus on the properties and considerations that go into selecting a paper that will enhance the presentation of your photography. 

The paper's weight, brightness and surface texture all have an effect on the appearance of color and tone on finished prints. Perhaps not as obvious, the final presentation of the print, be it framed, mounted, laminated, etc. should also play a big part in your paper choices.

Joe will discuss what is available, which qualities to consider when choosing a paper and his own experiences in printing that have renewed his interest in creating finished prints.

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