-- Introducing the Scodix S series, Scodix Rainbow station, Scodix RSP Technology and the exciting new Scodix Metallic --


– Scodix today announced the company is sponsoring the 2013 Print UV conference (March 3-6, Las Vegas) and unveiling Scodix Metallic™, as well as their new S75 press. Enabling the easy creation of metallic colors in a selective digital process, this cutting edge technology will allow print service providers (PSP’s) to bring even more print enhancements in-house. This digital printing phenomenon will be launched in the US market by digital print enhancement leader Scodix, using its inkjet technology and proprietary Scodix PolySENSE™ clear polymer™, in a first-of-its-kind event in the printing industry.


CEO Viewpoint
The Scodix S75 and Scodix Metallic effect provides an experience that has never been seen or felt before in the printing industry”, stated Scodix CEO Kobi Bar. “The Scodix Metallic™ look and feel can only be created by using Scodix S digital enhancement presses with the Scodix RSP™ Technology (Rotate, Scale and Position). By utilizing two CCD cameras and Scodix IP image algorithm, every image can be manipulated (scaling the image on X and Y axes, shifting and rotating it when required), ensuring perfect quality and precise print registration and the delivery of perfect metallic colors.”
Meeting Evolving Needs
The eco-friendly Scodix S series presses empower PSPs and their customers to enjoy the freedom to print a larger variety of enhancements in-house, supporting job runs of any size, on a wide variety of materials, using both digital and offset presses. The Scodix SENSE™, Scodix Rainbow™ Station, Scodix Metallic, as well as the Scodix Barcode and Scodix Inkjet Braille™, are enhancements that increase the value of printed items, providing the print industry with the tools needed to survive the challenges of evolving electronic media demands.
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