Scodix to Exhibit Revolutionary Metallic Printed Colors in a One-Pass Digital Process at China Print 2013

-- Scodix to exhibit in Booth # E1-002 with local partner Syntax --


Beijing, China -- May 13, 2013 -- At China Print, Scodix will show PSP’s the ability to enhance their prints with metallic coloring by simply utilizing the CMYK color process of Scodix SENSE™. Done in a digital one-pass print process, Scodix revolutionizes the printing industry and adds significant value to the growing basket of in-house print solutions. PSPs are able to provide their customers metallic colors without the need for traditional foil stamping resources. Today the company announced they will debut Scodix Metallic™ at CHINA PRINT 2013 (May 14-18) in booth #E1-002. For more information, go to

"The Scodix Metallic feature opens additional new and exciting opportunities for Scodix customers", says Ziki Kuly, Scodix VP Marketing. "They can now offer the entire metallic color range option as part of a simple, cost-effective, in-house print process. Scodix Metallic can only be created by using the Scodix S digital enhancement presses with the Scodix RSP™ Technology (Rotate, Scale and Position).”

The Scodix Metallic™ print process is a patent pending process. By applying the Scodix SENSE™ clear polymer over the selected CMYK colors, the print colors transform into a completely amazing experience. With one single pass of Scodix SENSE™, a printed sheet can have gold, silver, bronze, embossing, textures, high and low levels of clear polymer effects and more. This high-quality, eye-catching gloss process provides true visual impact unmatched in any other digital process. In addition, the Scodix SENSE protects the printed image and the metallic impact from scratching and scuffing, a clear advantage over traditional foil stamping process.
Using two CCD cameras and Scodix IP image algorithm, allows to manipulate every image – scaling the image on X and Y axes, shifting and rotating it when required – making sure perfect quality and precise print registration, delivering perfect metallic colors" said Scodix CEO Kobi Bar. "This is what will keep the printing industry alive for years to come. By incorporating the capacity to create real shine and depth through metallic coloring -- thereby adding an element of elegance and style -- Scodix Metallic™ provides yet another way for customers to achieve brand differentiation through their printed materials. Suitable for both commercial and packaging applications, the selective pin-point digital process enables the provision of an in-house metallic finish. Scodix Metallic is expected to soon become a standard for many print service providers.”
Real World Feedback
"Scodix Metallic™ is a game changing technology”, says Frank Defino Sr., CEO of Tukaiz, “and we are very excited to demonstrate this revolutionary enhancement to our customers”. For the first time ever, PSP’s can offer qualities and values that have never been possible before. “The possibility to show all metallic colors, including other enhancements such as embossing, raised impact clear polymer, different textures, gloss levels -- all those by a one-step process, in house -- open for Tukaiz many new doors and allow us not only to be different from everyone else, and every other existing technology, but also to gain high margins for our work. The Scodix Metallic™ is a game changer not only for Tukaiz but for the entire commercial and packaging printing industry,” adds Defino.
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